Friday, November 10, 2006

0.8 milligrams of nicotine a day. 4 gallons of beers a day. Days begin at night and like a vampire the sun feels so unholy. I grasp the nature of things easier when left on my own. I talk to much to myself when drifting in this weird experience. Sometimes I do it a loud, sometimes in my mind and its funny sometimes when myself talks back (and trust me I dont think what myself is going to say, is purely spontaneous)the things it answer. Can we divorce ourself and marry some other self to find peace of mind? Probably from a dual personality I would get a triple or quadruple... who knows where this trip of the mind will take me.

I Jammed yesterday. To my delight Neco and Jimmy were there, I haven't seem them for a while. Judy took sometime time off from the bar and came with Fransua and me to the jam session. Not to many people that night. But the atmosphere is good for jamming specially for the musician that hangout there, they are pretty talented.

Lastly at 2 or 3 a.m. I saw this chinese lesbian flick. It was funny at the beginning but then it turned boring. Damn it! And I've been noticing something about chinese love flicks too... it always has to involve a lot of suffering, you feel cold when you finish watching them.

That's it for the time being,


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sweet pickles and frijoles! For a few weeks I could access my blog without the use of a proxy, but guess they have cut our wings and left us handicapped. Little do they know that backdrops and subterranean hangouts are most proliferous under acts that obviously will cause rebellion. Will any reader prevail when the man who puts the pen on the paper fades out of the picture? You know God damn right it will, written expression is like a virus or like narcotics: it doesn't matter if you don't like 'em, the problem is when they like you!

I've decided that I will not see too much movies, series or documentaries. I think I need to read more. There is no greater satisfaction than to know, to be amazed, to be awed, like the information on this page: Read the book, it's also awesome.

Next in my order of peculiar catastrophies, I was supposed not to go out this week, but have been out almost every night. It seem that for me every time I say " I WILL NOT " I forget to the NOT and put much effort in the I WILL. That's so me. I will probably head today to 2kolegas and satisfy my need for muscial expression, jamming with the jammers and kicking it with the kickers.

For those who read and write or do some sort of artistic expression, tonight's jam will be for you. For those who don't do shit, well, just go watch a movie.

Jack Raif