Friday, May 18, 2007

Looks. Never blinks. Moves both of his open hands from side to side signaling his concern towards a situation when suddenly he stops, raises his legs and slam its to the ground at the same time moving his head to the side. But the music is the enhancer of the movements, of each action, of each expression.

What do I feel when I see 京剧 ? I just let my imagination flow and let the tones mix with the action to creat an inmense universe of peace and awe.

I only have one suggestion for Beijing Opera in these era, specially if its filmed, the lack of innovation from the camera men makes the acrobatics and face expresions of the actors dull. The sound system used to record the music is badly equalized. I wish I could help, but Im not sound engineer nor do I posses the mula to make cultural projects like this.

I just ask one question of thee, don't judge something you don't understand and don't say you don't like if you don't know the cultural baggage that hangs upon it.



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