Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm so glad to see you... I've missed so much... It's so good to see you...

I feel the sky is falling and while it shatters to the ground my ears grow deaf to your agonizing scream. I feel the sky is nothing but just an illusion of what really is up there. I feel the sky has its own master and plans to sell us diamonds that apparently are up there... might be that everything that is that high is just an affront, an offense to our height.

I don't want the sky anymore, I want my life and be able to do with it what I want. Decide where to go, what to smoke, what to say, where to live. But clearly the sky has a plan, for you, for me, for everybody... can I decline and redesign any plan that you have written for me... you know? I like to have the last word on everything concerning me.

About my life... I miss my Dad. I hope he is ok. We are so far apart... and I am still not prepared to go back.

About my life... I miss the people I've met along the way... they have left, but I can feel they will soon come back.

About my life... I will make my words tumble walls and create a world for me to be king.

About my life... why dont you just drop me a line?



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