Sunday, August 16, 2015


bleep. bleep.
Is anybody out there?
bleep. bleep.

I have things to say, when people say
things and I keep quiet.

gaga. gugu. gaga.
Can anyone hear me?
gaga. gugu. gaga.

But there is so much going on outside that words tend not to come out.
This is the first attempt to kill the noise and listen to my voice.
This is the first attempt to hear me think and watch the vibrant sun engulf my eyes and blind me.

bleep. My name is Jack. bleep. As in Jack Raif the insane. gaga. I have a few things to say, first of all and most important: Fuck you. gaga. Fuck the noise. gugu. And everything that surrounds it.
bleep. I'm Jack Insane, the Raif. Mixing cultural mindsets to deliberately create a different state, a race if you will, a counter culture. gableepgu. In my world there will no longer exist an anchor to stop you from sailing the sea of possibilities. A mix of language. A mix of cultural thought. A mix of pop with out the boring stuff. 今天是第一天, hoy es el primer día, and as they are longer and the years slower we will dominate. Is the beginning of a new era.  Without the noise. The drama. Or your boring uni-cultural outdated mind. Fuck you and goodbye.

But follow me to a new exciting state of mind.


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