Thursday, April 05, 2007

The morbid winter is dying giving birth to the luscious spring with all its sex, euphoria and love. The amazing blue sky eats beijing up in mouth full of winds, the sweethearts walking hand in hand in the streets, Hutongs alive at night with people dancing, the old men chatting. Seasons change, but its still a new world for this boy who only knows two seasons: dry and rainny.

I moved to 朝阳门 some weeks ago, my life has been changing drastically for the last few months. A new haircut, a new life, I've been teaching new tricks to the old dog.

When you are afar from what you used to call your world, between now and then, here or there the heart becomes a sea of melancholly, a nation of thoughts, the majestic sun teaching what it is and what it is not and it makes you want to lay your head in clouds or reasurrance, it just wants to stop, one beat at a time until peace strolls in leaving you time to sleep, for him who lives in a dream, in a poem, a story, who lives free does not wish nothing than just the sleep. Yeah, forget about the dream.

When you are afar from the world you used to call yours, you are a stranger not only to the people here or back home but to yourself and the one you can only rely is the one that loves you and that you love.

Bleh... dont feel like writing anymore...