Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Times are changing. Oh yes they are. But that is the only thing that changes. Take note. If you see the big picture called life, all generations has the same virtues, all generations have the same fault. It's just our lack of vision that doesn't let us see what in the past we have done and compare it objectively with the times we didn't exist. So in the beginning man invented the wheel, then invented the charriot, then the car, then the airplane and though all are means of transportation we all think they differ from one another because shapes are not the same, because it was back then and now things are just not equal. Bullshit. Since the beginning man has had the same mission. Finding out what is our mission. So we created religion, science, methaphysics, spiritualism, drugs to search, to try to find a meaning in it all. But we haven't found it... yet. If we ever do then we will not be man but some strange mix of universal affairs and God only knows how are brain will turn out to be.

More than six UFO sightings in China and the world sleeps. Seen by more people than ever, openly in big cities. Here, they don't beleive in God so there is no conflict with showing was actually up there. More than six UFO sightings and the world seems not to care.... or maybe thats their power... or maybe they know that by now we don't really care about them.

I pull my sheets closer to me. The nights are cold and I work hard to make not so much. I hear my friend calling to go out for the drink that we used to drink. I read the messages inciting me to read the poems I have been writing in my mind. I miss all of it... but times are changing, only that, I'm still trying to find the meaning, yes, the meaning of it all.