Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Today, I will learn not to care, to blank my emotions and erase my ego, to not want and to not perceive the evil that burdens the soul of the people that sorround me. I will float in that phrase that have for ever forsaken me "Ignorance is bliss, ignorance is bliss....", ignorance is shit, but better happy than sad, right?

Today I will let you do what you want, I will not transmit my ideas or emotions, I will enclose my heart in a box and keep all my feelings a secret from a world that only cares about themselves but not about others. I will strangle words of agonizing pain with silence, for today you might think that others hold the candle, but I am the sun, and therefore am of infinite source, and God is the universe.

To feel less when actually am more will not matter, because today I will learn not to care.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Que los sentimientos son algo tan delicado como los colores de un arco iris, algo tan abstracto como la magia, aquella que suele ser ese pu├▒al invicible que te clavan en la sien y en el corazon, pero al cual como un perro que ha sido maltratado por su amo, a el, siempre regresas... a esos sentimientos de los cuales TU no tienes el control.
I feel the calling of my art. I know, though, the troubles and dark omens it comes with it. But my hands have the proof that I'm destined for something great. Still, am scared of losing the one I got. The fucking calling, if you have it in you, you know what Im talking about. I cant tell the people that sorround me about it, they wouldn't understand, they wouldn't know what it demands of me.

Feeble mind
anti mind
Desintegrate mind
What are you talking about
boneless beheaded one,
did did I feel feel
as stone under water
Yes, the cold sweat of an afternoon watching ghosts stumbling through their crevices
Those mighty intelectuals can't figure it out.
Soul I say, Spectrum their mouth mimics,
and I run through white doors and turn myself into black cycles
and keep searching for you when I dont need to search no more
Fuck, I say I hate, those words when we can't find the same definition,
Love, yes, all are four letter words, and and and but they are not, so what?
Do I need three letter words on my relations? Assosiations? Encarnations?
I say no! Can't you just accept me as what I am, fucked up, dark, and lost...
Hope for the future that comes.

Jack Raif