Sunday, May 29, 2005

These words
Carry the pain, the longing, and sense of hopelessness
Of every man,
Of every woman.

The stars are so far
But yet they can be seen.
No matter where you are
They can be seen
Though unreachable
They can be seen.

Reminding you
There’s a prize awaiting thee
Not in this life span
Maybe in two or more
But yet, they can be seen.

So wait my friend
Patience is a precious gift
Someday things that are way beyond our grasp
May one day become at hand.

So live life because you have to live
Not because you are expected to be
A legend, a knight, or a king,
It’ll all come someday
All you have to do is wait.
For the right time
To grasp the star
Make it yours
And laugh so hard

Life so easy
When you aren’t expected to be much
Cause you know someday things will come at hand
Love, money or that damn fucking star!

Jack Raif


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