Friday, April 01, 2005

Northen skies, white eyes

Pitch She.

Once when we were old we used to be so scared of her. The killer of men, they would say. But we have our ways and ways are not meant to be chosen, sometimes they just mean they have to be followed.

She is pitch in dark.
By hollow eyes
By dark sings
But she makes sense
Specially if you are snow blind

Pitch dark in her eyes
Though she is white
But love like this is hard to find

Ojos inmersos en ojos
Light in night sky

Do we have to talk?
Is there no way else to feel thy pleasure
Is used, unkind, and unfelt,
But sadness with you, never meant such happiness
And truth was never so much lies!

When we leave life
And in the northen sky I die
Cover me with so much snow
I can feel white,

Things I won’t have since tonight
I will have in greater life.

Die, die, die
Pain is ashes tray
In life there is so much to hate
Live life but begin to die
So much love when everything is white!

Jack Raif


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