Friday, May 20, 2005

Opened my eyes last night
No stars shined
The moon wasn’t there
I closed my eyes;
And things started to appear
A black sun
A bright night
Opened or closed its all in the mind.

I’ve closed the doors for love.
No matter now if eyes are open or closed.
I’ve open the doors for life.
I have ceased to believe in all.

Im a danger to myself and to the one who reads
Wake up.
Same light.
No love.
Happiness denied.

Wake up.
Same job.
Shitty little destiny.
You aint going to be a legend.
You aint going to be shit.

Wake up.
Why wake up.
Close your god damn eyes.
Be still.
Listen to me.

Today I shall not believe in Love
Nor God for that matter,
Nor I will let people bullshit me about
How “special” I am,
And that I have a great future.
Today I will push lies
And tell people to fuck off
I don’t need true love, or recognition,
Or being important, or being loved,
Or true to myself or to anybody.

I just want to live.
I want to want to live.
And not care for any shit.
I want to want to care to be alive.
Not true love. Not money. Not God.
Don’t want to care if my eyes
Are opened or closed,
Just want to hear me breathing.
See my belly go up and down
And say… Damn, Im so fucking happy to be alive.

Jack Raif

P.S.: Yes, It's been a while... but surely not dead.


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