Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dumb, dumb Jack Raif
Poor little freak is insane
Things are not going well in his brain
But outside he is just all the same.

He needs to need
To feed on she
He has no will
To be on this:

Life fucked up place, I might be insane, but to you, I or him, we are all the same. You see no difference in life. Real or unreal, its much alike. I might be insane, but from me there is so much to learn, so much to be felt. Jack Raif is insane, he has altered his brain, to escape from people who don’t mean shit for him till this day. Its just that, I choose on what world to live, what things to see, the voices and the things I want to hear. Real or unreal, what’s the difference in life? Do you really belief you are reading this, or are you thinking it? Are you going insane? I’m I to blame?

I got no sense of words. They are always the same. I hate this, I loath that, I need love, I need trust. Need to be sane, to be normal and happy. Its always just the same, words, ideas, all over again. Fuck that, for now I will write happy poems:

She came today,
And kissed me
On a starry night
Close, heart by heart.
And she said… I love you

Yeah! I’ll write that kind of crap, cause you know why? Maybe it will happen! Maybe I really need a change of attitude, of destination, of ideals. I need to be a better man. Forget vices. Forget sadness. I just have to pull from this shit that I call my life, and live a good life. What ever the fuck that means.

But really. I need to change. I cant keep on like this. Im bored. Im tired. Absorbed by this thing called emptiness. No love. No God. Alone. I really need to breath, in the night sky, in open space, and feel those things that I much crave for. I really need change.

Jack Raif


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