Monday, October 23, 2006


Depression got a hold of me today; it's a mixture of melancholy and the obvious frustations of everyday life. I've finished painting the first page of my poetry book, I kind of like it, though is obvious am no true Picasso. Decided to head off home early after school, nothing else was holding me there, so what the hell. Don't want to pick the Chinese books today (though I should), for today I give up. Probably try to find a good book home or watch enough dvd's to drive me crazy and let my inner devil have some of me. I've been kind of reading the page, its kind of boring isn't it? Damn, I'm sorry for that, but I don't know shit about web designing to make it attractive, thus it's pretty lame of me just letting all my sadness and not letting you on the briefest account of happiness in my life. Well if there is someone from otter space out there that wants to take me to see the plains of mars or cruise around saturns rings, please adduct me, I live in Beijing, China, 苹果社区, you can figure out the rest... just give a 2 hour notice so I can grab my towel and hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

Take care,


Wake up on Monday
The first day of every day
Nothing special on Mondays
That is just the day the week begins

Tuesday, the rent is due,
Gave all the money I had left,
So funny, poetry doesn’t feed or shelters you,
Wonder what did famous poets before me live off?

Wednesday, gave you a call,
No desire to talk so I hang up on the first buzz,
I can’t give you anything,
So many successful young men out there,
Take a pick and head off,
I won’t be mad at you,
That is just the way my life goes.

Thursday, my friends call,
Top notch workers and thinkers,
Laugh at my incorrigible ways,
Pretty God damn tough
When you have dough on your pockets
Do this do that
Let me smack you with the brick of reality
Am not smart, tough or God.

By Friday people on the bar are buying me drinks
Decline and head off,
Pretty fucking clear by now people feed on emotions
Let them feed on air tonight,
I just want to dream up something and get peace from it all.

Saturday, wake up, look at my side,
It was just a dream,
Decide if I want to get up,
No I don’t, but I have to,
Don’t get anything done if depression wins the best of me

Sunday comes, look forward for Monday,
The first day of every day,
Nothing special happens on Mondays.

Jack Raif


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