Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I’ve began to doubt the World in which we are living. I no longer believe in no religious institution, corporation or country. I don’t believe in communism, democracy, capitalism, socialism or any other form of government; I don’t believe that they will help society in any form more than driving it to self destruction.

I believe in God and believe that everyone should belief in a form of deity, supernatural force or something that makes us more human than we already are. I believe that we should start from cero and make things right this time. This is call evolution, the way is meant to be, not as the next generations of predators, but as beings of higher consciousness.

For that we most first record all the “whys” that are driving us take this decision, this must be done so we will never forget why have we chosen this path. This is the most dangerous task and maybe the most important task of them all, and thus it should be done.

Human society has turned into a manipulative force that meddles with our sub consciousness, making us act as mere puppets of an external force that doesn’t care about our well being. This external forces (call it the private world, governmental or the media) has bombarded our lifestyles with symbols that have a direct effect on our well being. Nothing that is of real importance (life, love, health, happiness, etc, etc, etc) has real value, on the other hand, products, material things, are our goals. The tools of acquiring these goals are simple: do what you must to get what you want. And it would be beautiful to say that this just happens in one part of the world, but the truth is that our global civilization is sick. We ourselves must become a virus to contra rest the other virus. At this, our focal mission is to make the virus benign to human well being and its evolution. I am in no way endorsing violence but ask of a way to liberate ourselves in the most intelligent and profound way our history has ever seen.

The evolution has just started.

Jack Raif


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