Sunday, October 22, 2006

Noodles in Beijing

Noodles in Beijing
Noodles in Beijing,
originally uploaded by Jack Raif.
As I arose from my bed I felt the cold biting my worn out liver, but my eyes were seeing a glimpse of heaven when they rested upon the bluest sky ever, the yellow particles of the sun were striking the walls of the constructions and the air was pure, breath against breath, the oxygen here had not been this way for at least 3 months.

Bored of myself I started to clean the bathroom. The god damn bathroom! On a sunday morning... I must be losing my mind! But I did.. put on some Herbie Hancock and started sweeping and wiping the floors. Nice, Herbie has a DJ. Finished cleaning and decided to go to the black market and buy some movies and computer programs. I was all mad because I needed to get an external dvd/cd rom but couldnt make up my mind. After that went to the other SOHO, the green one (and yes, I'm being funny here) to find the gym my friend had told me about. Found it but decided to have late lunch at the American Cafe with two friends. We had some quesadillas (cheese and green peppers), chips and salsa and my friend order chicken wings. Next we went to the gym, had to sign my name and give my information before actually going in. The girl who took us for the tour of the facility had very beautiful eyebrows, I would even say exotic, nice beijingnese accent too. Fought to get a discount, damn it! Gyms are so expensive here. Dececided that it might be better to get a membership at the gym in the white SOHO. Went to the supermarket near the gym. I was getting bored of the Carefour and Century Mart, so this was a nice change. Couldn't silence my inner voice or counscious (or Satan or God or who the fuck knows) saying: "Jack, why the fuck did we not move around here? 苹果社区 sucks compared to this place... and look all the beautiful ladies, and check it out JackAss, no constructions near by... nice nighty nigth sleep, but you don't know about that... you haven't slept well since you moved to 苹果 hu?" It might be more expensive I tried to say to the voice, but when he wants to get nasty he does.

Bought a new cover for the bed, new toothbrush, some color pencils a highlighter and air freshner to put beside my bed. I think if I smell something nice when I wake up it will put me in a good mood (call it wishful thinking). Got home, started washing my cloth and ended up here, writing, so in this exact moment am here, but am not. The past was described but I wasnt there, but right now am here. We havent seen of each other in a while havent we?

So I've written this piece. It's called bird. Hope you like it,

See you in my dreams,


You want to cage me
In your little plan
You want to feed me,
Like a little bird,
Cut my wings,
And let me see the world,
From there,
You are so you,
And I am so me,
That it displeases us
To be
Anything but the other

Safe but unhappy,
I would crush your cage
If I had the might,
If I didn't respect you or obey you,
I would strangle these bars of ineptitude
And disgrace the million manners in which you have raised me
I would create a private hell
To let you feel
Millions of millions of bangs to the head
And the endless sound of silence
It would drive you, while your eyes are looking inside,
My name is your name,
Thus you are not me,
And cannot think,
That I would conform in a cubicle of fate,
Where all the lines know where they would end,
Strapped to it with no one to talk, or be myself,
I don't want to trade places with the mightiest kings,
Or wish to suck on heavens tits,
I don't feel like oceans, immense or unstoppable,
I just want to be me,
In this place some people call

Jack Raif.

P.S. You can check out some of my performances at and yes the picture posted has no relation what so ever to what has been written today. I just like noodles. Je.


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