Monday, October 16, 2006

I have to find a way to stay in Beijing. I have to find a way to stick around here longer, I have no desire to leave... I just don't feel like quiting this place just yet. But God, by all means, I wish a light would shine the way and just lead me to a concrete, solid vision of my future. By now I am scared, and if you are not in this position is not easy to understand why, I guess. People will say that I'm talented, gifted and intelligent, not to worry, but in this globalized society that doesn't count for much, does it? I'm scared and am not scared to tell the world.

Beijings weather has quickly changed into nice Autum to crazy cold in just a few days. Winter is coming and I think it will be colder this year. My kinda luck. Got to be strong though, got to hold on to my poems and to my ideals, have to be me. I have to be strong, strong... nothing good is really easy.

This next poem I wrote it for kids, was performed at Annie's exhibition. Hope you liked it.


Let me tell you a story about 3 young bros
Eennie, Minie and little Mo
Though they were from the same Dad and Mom
All had a special characteristic of their own

Eennie was good at math, physics and all that stuff
Won first prizes in math contests and was praised at home
She could solve large mathematical equations
Like what is the square root of 3,244
And in one second or two she would say:
56.9561234 (etc, etc, etc...)

Then there was Minie who excel at all sports
He was the captain of the wrestling, baseball, pin pong team, but he
Specially liked football.
He had a room full of trophies, ribbons and prizes of that sort…
He was popular with the girls, and no blood related people would call him "bro".

But my favorite brother of them all, as you might have guessed it, is little Mo,
He wasn't popular or praised at home,
And most of the time had crazy ideas that his parents and teachers scorned,
He told stories about worlds only found in his head,
Draw things that he could only see,
Wrote prose with strange words like:
Flick my brains flocks cause my dog fell from my locks...

He would talk to everyone; the priest, the thief, the beggar at the church door,
The police, the old man and anyone who would care to have a little talk.

No one thought much of him
or the things he did,
No one paid attention to that special gift
Bestowed from the Gods to him,
They said, if he is not good in school,
Then he must grow up to be a fool...

He didn't care though,
He lived in a world of his own,
And by the time he was 24
He was the most famous poet around the world.

Parents should encourage their kids to be who ever they want to be,
And if they want to be an artist
You shouldn't treat it as a bad omen,
Or else your kids will grow like me,
Definitely a bad poet.

Jack Raif


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