Tuesday, July 11, 2006


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It was back a month a go... We were really happy that day, the jazz was amazing as always we the drum beats in constant evolution with a diversity of rythms the bazz never missing a beat and the guitarr soulfull as ever. My friends were allround... drunk and happy and the good vibes were absorved and encaged in memory.

Now most of them are gone... and I miss them. This is a new experience and a hard test, the hardest of them all, learning to let go.

This week a performed with the subterranean poets in THE MILLENIUM ART MESEUM. It was great to recite the Black Magic poem, which was inspired by Picasso, infront of one of his paintings. Life is a strange complex multidimensional experience...

My good bye poem for my friends:

I feel my feet itching again
I guess its time to move away
My eyes scream to watch a different landscape
The call its hard to ignore
Its voice grasps my soul;
Inviting, seducing, instigating, manipulating
Making me admit my need to feel new things

Maybe its cause people fall into their boring habits:
Work Fuck Eat Sleep
Different days, same shit

But soon the same stars
Will look at me from a different perspective
And the landscape will take a new form
And a new language will come,
A religion high in altitude,

I never want to stop
Never want to look back
To the things I left behind
It is gone, it is of no importance
Just memories, food for thought
I cant stay and let time eat me up,
If I can, I will travel afar,
Let my sin burn with different suns,
Let my lungs be filled with different space,
And the ether from each dynamic situation
Will impregnate me with experience,
Making my existence
A full lived one,
For if I ever settle,
I will still have the scars
Of my journeys around the world,
Around a universe I hardly understand
But have seen it piece by piece,
From Earth to Mars.

You can’t bind me to you,
To her, to this or that place,
I have to go, go, go,
Somewhere, anywhere,
I have to experience this world,
Or life, or love, or dusk, or dawn,
Or night
Before I depart
Before I change channels
Different dimensions
Different existence,
Today, right now,

And in this long road
where there is no arrival time
I know I will miss
The friends, the place,
Mom, Dad, family,
That have nurture
Me in the past
I know that in this long journey
I will lay in the grass and cry,
And hate the loneliness of being lonely,
But I have something more eternal
Sun, Moon, Stars,
They know who I am,
And I know who they are,
Im sorry nothing can stop me,
No emotions, no war, no game,
Not even death,
I will travel… always,
While you die,
While I cry,
While laugh
I will travel
From north to south
From east to west
Seeing you many times
Different faces,
But I will always be me,
This is my way to say
I will meet you again,
In another face,
Its so hard, its so hard,
Or so the song says:
Te espero siempre mi amor
Cada hora cada día
Te espero siempre mi amor
Cada minuto que yo viva
Te espero siempre mi amor
Se que un día llegaras
Te espero siempre mi amor
No te olvido y te quiero
Te espero siempre mi amor
Se que un día volveras.


Anonymous Gillian said...

finally have the time to check out your blog =P
JazzYa was great with the good music and all our friends...

3:07 AM  

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