Friday, September 22, 2006

Am not a strong man. I can be bended with my passion, what ever makes me "feel" I want to do it a lot and get overwhelmed by it. I wish I could control myself, but I was never taught to restrain myself, I live to the fullest. Is it bad? Of course it is. But what isn't bad in this world? I guess my Mom was always right to say that earth was hell and it wouldn't be fair to have another hell after death. Wise words, though I guess Christianity would not approve of such ideals. It might be an invitation for death.

I'm thinking on quitting everything and wed words cause they are just always there. It's something as real as death, we cannot avoid it. And let music be my mistress, is something as tempting as sex. Other things are just an enhancer of those mentioned.

Lets see what comes of all of this.

Take care my dear reader.

Jack Raif


Blogger Bob said...

where're you hiding?

9:10 AM  

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