Sunday, January 02, 2005

I need escapism
Ease the mind
From my present deeds.

It just crawls up to my spine
Inside me head
I need to forget:

Deeds. Weed. Me

Wrong choices have been made
I accept consecuenses, I must pay,
But cant I have inner peace at least for today?

Can’t my tears make me forget
The foolish things I’ve said
The actions I dont want to tell
I cant even write them, I feel so ashame.

Im struggling inside, so I write,
No one cares, so I write,
I feel bad, so I write,
For maybe this way
Some one would read me and say
I feel thy pain Jack Raif
And would cast a spell for my sake
Letting me slip away from this hell.

Jack Raif


Blogger lala said...

I feel thy pain Jack Raif...
Now you are free.

4:24 AM  
Blogger Jack Raif said...


12:31 PM  

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