Monday, November 08, 2004

Who am I ?

Who am I, Who am I, Who am I?
The weird kid, always silent, head down, just listening.
Who am I?
Questioning authority while I should be following the ones that follows...
No man...
Im casually just strolling around...
looking, but not daring getting inside...
you know where am getting at?
Its more fun to watch it, than to be in it.
---------------this is who I am--------------
The one that cares:
Just when anyone stop loving, I would beleive, give a chance, hurt myself, but knew I knew better..
Just when they stop beleiving... I was there, pushing, caring, and grabbing you so you could
catch on.

The one who loves:
I care, not just the sex, not just the fucking, the drinking and the wild times...
I want to listen, to be trusted, to be taken care of, to love and to be loved...
And in order to get that, I know I must know myself to love, yes! Im prepared for that!

The one that feels:
I can feel the light,
I can feel whats right,
I can feel whats wrong,
I can feel the one and only.
I can feel you.

The one who wants to know
The one

Jack Raif


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