Thursday, November 11, 2004


Wide awakened
In a sweet dream
I drift like a lonesome soul
Wondering in human form.

I cant sleep.

Consiousness its a bitch!
She sayz.
Nothing is for free!

Knowledge. can something bad sprang from this?
Yeah It can, everything has two sides
One bad and one right
Choose whatever and lets start this ride!

For this, lets begin, forget all systems.
Forget oppresion
Forget love
Forget war
Forget conciouseness
Forget religion
Forget life as you know it
Forget Death

When all is forgotten
Create all your new conceptions
In base of this question,
Good or bad, what was your election?

If you want for sadness to be happiness construct new concepts
And lets surf on the wave of creativity,
For you are god, and you can do what ever you want.

And learn, dear fellow, learn all there is to learn,
For when the moment comes, you will recognize it
And you’ll know you are happy
Because you have learned....

Learned that good and evil are just two faces of the same coin
Learned that happiness does come from sadness
Learned that joy is happiness and sadness at the same time

And that this story is right
And that tonight, for the first time,
You’ll forget all your sins,And have a nice night.

Jack Raif


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